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We are happy to accept paid advertising that is relevant. Adverts can be on every page of the site.

Not all types of advertisements are accepted. V ART ensures that all advertisements meet a standard of ad quality to protect users.


Ad fraud

No advertisements will be accepted for any product or services that have a high likelihood of being a scam or fraud.

Adult content

Creatives that depict, contain or provide access to adult content.


Ads for any dating site that promotes affairs or infidelity, escort or prostitution services, or mail-order brides.


Promotion, gambling activities, sports betting, whether it is an online website or a physical establishment, where there is money cashing-in or cashing-out.

Illegal drugs

Creatives featuring or promoting the sale of illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals or drug paraphernalia.

Endangered species products

The sale or promotion of products obtained or made from endangered, threatened or protected species, as well as the sale of such species, is prohibited globally.

Weapons and weapons accessories

Creatives that feature the sale of, or instructions on how to create, bombs, guns, firearms, ammunition or other weapons.

Illegal products and services

All advertising, as well as the products and services being advertised, must clearly comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

V ART reserves the right to remove any ads deemed intrusive or inappropriate. Contact us for more information.

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